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Polarized lenses have a filter that creates vertical openings for light waves (like vertical blinds) meaning only light waves that approach your eyes vertically pass through. By blocking the horizontal light waves bouncing off flat surfaces, like a lake, pond or road, polarized lenses dramatically reduce glare, making objects look crisper and clearer...even letting see beneath the surface of water.

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Grilamid® TR90 Plastic Polymer Frames

TR90 is a nylon-based thermoplastic polymer known as "plastic titanium" or "memory plastic". Developed by the Swiss corporation EMS-GRIVORY, TR90 is typically available only with high-end sunglasses. Its key ........

Zylonite (Zyl) Frames

Zylonite (Zyl) FramesZylonite, or Zyl, is the common name for cellulose acetate. The most commonly used plastic in sunglass frames, Zyl is lightweight and durable.

Metal Frames

Maxx metal frames are made from monel. Monel is composed of about two-thirds nickel and one-third copper. This highly-yielding alloy can be hammered into a variety of different shapes without losing strength. Its ability to resist stress well makes monel an excellent choice for thin and lightweight sunglasses.

Floating Frames

Maxx floating frames are manufactured from a low-density thermoplastic that was engineered to maintain buoyancy in all bodies of water.

All Natural Bamboo Temples

Bamboo has been used as an alternative material for ages, and with good reason. This amazingly strong and versatile plant is a naturally eco-friendly resource...easy to cultivate and has a self-sustaining growth cycle. And when incorporated into sunglasses, bamboo is durable but incredibly light weight.