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Grilamid® TR90 Plastic Polymer Frames TR90 is a nylon-based thermoplastic polymer known as “plastic titanium” or “memory plastic”. Developed by the Swiss corporation EMS-GRIVORY, TR90 is typically available only with high-end sunglasses. Its key features are its extreme flexibility while still maintaining its shape and its near weightlessness.  That natural pliability helps create an almost tailored fit.  TR90 is heat resistant up to 350ºF, making it dashboard safe.  Maxx Eyewear's signature HD lenses paired with TR90 frames is what sets Maxx quality above all the rest.
Inset Metal Logos Prevents snags.
Rubberized Coating (Optional) A frame coating that gives your sunglasses a velvet soft texture with enhanced grip and improved water resistance.
Rubber Ear Pieces Secure and comfortable fit.
Rubber Nose Pieces Added comfort with slip prevention.
Maxx Frame Diagram
Feel the Difference
Brightness-Lens Color Bar
Similar to our amber HD lenses, brown lenses also block blue light, but offer more brightness reduction. Best for environments with reflective surfaces such as water. Also available polarized.
Brown Lens
Smoke lenses reduce the entire spectrum of visible light with no color filtering. Featuring the most brightness reduction of, smoke lenses are a good general purpose lens. Also available polarized.
Smoke Lens
Yellow lenses, similar to HD lenses, also block blue light with the least amount of brightness reduction. They are especially beneficial in low-light, hazy or foggy conditions.
Yellow Lens
Clear lenses have no tint. Ideal for rainy conditions, indoors or at night.
Clear Lens
Other Lens Options
Polarized Layer (Optional) Polarized lenses have a filter that creates vertical openings for light waves (like vertical blinds) meaning only light waves that approach your eyes vertically pass through.  By blocking the horizontal light waves bouncing off flat surfaces, like a lake, pond or road, polarized lenses dramatically reduce glare, making objects look crisper and clearer.  View our polarized options here.
High Definition (HD) Polycarbonate Lens High Definition lenses are amber lenses that enhance visibility by reducing the scattered blue light that causes objects to appear “flat” against backgrounds. Depth and contrast are improved so objects appear more sharply defined and the enhanced colors are bright and vibrant. HD lenses have been developed to perfectly balance brightness reduction while allowing maximum visibility.
Anti-Reflective Layer (Optional) Removes the “back-glare” caused by light hitting the back of the lens and reflecting into the eyes.
UV 400 Layers 100% protection from UVA and UVB light.  Featured on all Maxx lenses.
Maxx Lens Layers Diagram
See the Difference
Engineered to be the ultimate outdoor accessory
Maxx Tech