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Maxx 6 Polarized Cycling Sunglasses
Maxx 6 Polarized Cycling Sunglasses
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Maxx 6 Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

$ 10.95
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These polarized cycling sunglasses come with interchangeable arms and strap, making it easy to switch for the best fit when riding or active. The Maxx 6 features a foam lined frame that prevents air from getting into your eyes, making for a safer, more comfortable ride. Again, the arms are removable, allowing you to attach the included strap to provide a secure fit and great wind resistance. 

Our polarized sunglasses have a filter that blocks the horizontal light waves bouncing off flat surfaces, like a lake, pond or road - Dramatically reduce glare and see objects crisper and clearer with these Maxx polarized cycling sunglasses!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Warren Linnerooth (Miami, US)
Great Sunglasses

Fit well. Good quality. And best of all, they are NOT made in China.

Daniel Jones (Loveland, US)
Great sun glasses

I love the sunglasses they were perfect for motorcycling

James Winbury (Big Bear, US)
Last order

Thanks for your quick turnaround. I will purchase again.

Max & Garcia (Las Vegas, US)
Nice effective and classy. sun glasses

Good quality and durable

SpudBoy Icky (Torrance, US)
Excellent value, works excellent at keeping the wind at bay

I've been using this model for the past 2 years(cycling) and they are the bomb-biggity! Prior to using these I was having eye issues; being that my eyes would dry out and become scratchy and irritated. Found these and my eyeballs have never been happier! No more stoner-eyes. I personally recommend these if you have issues with the wind drying your eyes out and at this price you can not afford not to.