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SS2 HD ANSI Z87+ Sunglasses in Black
  • SKU: 57249

SS2 HD ANSI Z87+ Sunglasses - Black

$ 19.95
  • Barcode: 024291572497
These black ANSI Z87+ sunglasses incorporate HD ANSI Z87+ rated lenses and frames. They conform to the American National Standards Institute requirements for high impact protection. 
All Maxx ANSI Z87+ high impact resistant sunglasses exceed the motorcycle eye protection requirements for: AR, CO, DE, FL, IN, KY LA, MN, NY, PA, UT and WV.

Our amber HD sunglass lenses enhance your ability to see depth and contrast. Objects are more sharply defined and colors are bright and vibrant. The HD lenses feature an anti-fog coating as well. The thinner arms on our SS2 high impact sunglasses are a comfortable fit for wearing with a helmet on. These high impact safety glasses are great for work or riding!

Looking for other ANSI Z87+ rated sunglass options? Our SS1 high impact sunglasses have a foam lining. The SS3 have a half-frame design ideal for indoor activities. 


Customer Reviews

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Howdot (Hilliard, US)
Just what I needed

These glasses fit well inside my helmet, and are great on a sunny day, I am so glad I got them.

So glad they worked out with your helmet! Enjoy those sunny rides & live to the Maxx!