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Are you tired of your golf sunglasses or in need of golf sunglasses that will improve your game?

Discover why Maxx golf sunglasses are a top choice of golf shops and avid golfers. In your sunglasses for golfing you want a pair with the right coverage, a contoured conforming fit with great grip, and the best quality lenses. Maxx golf sunglasses offer a selection of HD or polarized lenses to see more clearly. Our high performance flexible, lightweight TR90 frames grip your face to keep your golf sunglasses optically aligned throughout your swing. TR90 is known as "memory plastic" and creates a tailored fit without pressure points - you won't realize they're on at the end of 18 holes.

See the results of Maxx's performance golf sunglasses for yourself - purchase a pair today.

Golfing Sunglasses (3)

Maxx 5 Rimless HD Sunglasses - Tortoise Brown

SKU: 57616
$ 24.99

Maxx 5 HD Rimless Sunglasses - Black

SKU: 57615
$ 24.99

Shield HD Sunglass Lens with Hat Clip

SKU: 57047
$ 19.99