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HD Lens/Tortoise Frame
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Zoom Polarized Floating Sunglasses

$ 29.99
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The Zoom floating sunglasses features a rubberized frame in the classic sunglasses style with polarized lenses. As part of the floating series, this Zoom is hard to lose – these floating sunglasses will float in all bodies of water! They are ideal for water sports, boating, fishing or a day by the pool. Get your unsinkable sunglasses now!

Our polarized sunglasses have a filter that blocks the horizontal light waves bouncing off flat surfaces, like a lake, pond or road. These will dramatically reduce glare and you'll see objects crisper and clearer with Maxx polarized floating sunglasses.


• Full frame design
• Floating frame - floats in water
• Polarized lenses
• Spring hinges
• Inlaid logo

100% UVA/UVB protection.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Hefti (Onalaska, US)
Great, except...

I love them, they look great and are very durable... my only complaint is how they're always oily. No matter what I do to clean them they always seem to be smeared. It isn't terribly visible when wearing them until the sun catches you from your peripherals and creates a reflection on the inside.

ADRIAN MATA (San Antonio, US)
Best sunglasses!

It is so difficult to find a fairly priced pair of sunglasses that have hinges, and that fit so well as my Zooms do... And yes, they also float! Best sunglasses I've ever had!

Matthew Lepage (Fredericksburg, US)
Glasses peeling.

I like the glasses. The arm on one of the pairs of glasses is loose.

One of the pairs of glasses is melting from having been left in my car from the heat I imagine.

This is a first for me with glasses melting.